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Bnar J. Jalal
Mustafa R. M. Alqaisi


This investigation was implied to assess the effect of adding different rates of biochar and ash (0, 5, 10, 20 g L -1 casing layer) at the casing layer on production and quality indicator (total yield, biological efficiency, earliness of pinhead and fruit body appear, dry matter and protein content of fruit body) of common mushroom (Agaricus bisporus). The experiment was considered as a double factorial in a complete randomized design. Each treatment replicates three-time. There were significant variances between the four rates of biochar and ash. The highest total yield (2030.7 g 10 Kg-1 compost) was obtained using biochar 20 g L -1 casing layer that was high rate compared with the 2009.5 g 10 Kg-1 compost for the control treatment also lowest total weight in this parameter (1951.1g 10 Kg -1 compost) was obtained from biochar 5 g L -1 . The best protein values (26.871%) were observed in a biochar 20 g L-1 casing layer compared with the lowest rate 17.7115% which was the control, and the second value (25.085%) was observed in an Ash 20 g L-1 casing layer compared with the 18.920% for the control which was the lowest value. These studies will help to determine suitable casing layer conditions and the appropriate alternative casing materials for the cultivation of A. bisporus.


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Jalal, B. J., & Alqaisi, M. R. M. (2024). Improving the production and quality of white button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) by adding biochar and ash to the casing layer. Tikrit Journal for Agricultural Sciences, 24(1), 22–33.