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Niga Kalloshy
Ali Sharbazhery


From October 10, 2021 to July 10, 2022 this research was done to design a tourist resort in Bani quein and the island at Darbandikhan Lake. The location is 230 km northeast of Baghdad. Globally it is at latitude 35o 06 '58' -35o 21 '07' N, and longitude 45o 40 '59' - 45o 44 '42' E. The information of the research was collected according to four methods of data collection. First method was personal observation through several visits to the sites at different times. The second was an analysis of architectural plans obtained from the site. The third was in personal interviews with specialists in the directorate of Municipality and Tourism in the town of Darbandikhan. The fourth method to collect information was done via a questionnaire form. The study reached several results, among the favorite recreational activities of residents and tourists, presence of a special area for families was at the rate of 95%. Children area was at the second rank which was  94%, places for viewing, insight, and marketing of cultural and industrial products, boating activity and walking activity were 93% 89.9% and 84% at third, fourth and fifth rank respectively. According to these needs, two tourist resorts were proposed. In addition to studying the environmental factors in the city, the most important negative aspects of the climate were taken into account due to the lack of humidity (17%) and the high temperature above (40 C0) during the summer months and vice versa during the winter months, the temperature drops to (0 C0).


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Kalloshy, N., & Sharbazhery, A. (2023). A landscape study of tourist resort at Darbandikhan Lake according to the environmental and recreational needs. Tikrit Journal for Agricultural Sciences, 23(3), 1–12.