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Manar Hamad
Maher M. Shabib


The study aimed to estimate the technical, specialized and economic efficiency of the yellow maize crop in Kirkuk Governorate - Hawija based on the data envelope analysis (DEA) technique. Its percentage in the community is for (70) farms, and using the program (Deap) to analyze efficiency according to the data envelope method. DEA data envelope analysis in two directions according to the concept of stability and change of return to capacity, which allows estimating technical efficiency and capacity efficiency, and using the same method, specialized efficiency and economic efficiency were extracted. The production process now has an 85% technical efficiency rate on average. The standard rate technical effectiveness obtained (95%) taking into account the change in return to capacity. The results showed that a certain percentage of farms had reached pricing efficiency (AE) at a level of (100%) varied depending on the cost function variables,they are (4) farmers, and the average rate of economic efficiency (EE) ((82%), and the study concluded that the farmers of the yellow corn crop do not achieve reaching the optimal size of production, and this means that there is a drift from the optimal size of the crops of the study sample. In the light of the results that have been reached, the study recommended taking advantage of the efficiency indicators obtained through the data envelope model.


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Hamad, M., & Shabib, M. M. (2024). Estimating the levels of technical and economic efficiency of yellow corn crop farms in Kirkuk Governorate - Hawija district (a model) For the production season 2022 AD. Tikrit Journal for Agricultural Sciences, 24(1), 263–275.