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N. M. A. Alsultan
M. A. J. AL-Obaidi


This research was conducted to study potassium buffering potential behavior in some burned soils of Baweza – Mosul and Zawita- Dohuk , in north of Iraq. Potassium forms and the buffering potential phenomenon were studied by using thermodynamic parameters  according to quantity- intensity ratio (Q/I) at   298  oK) The main results could be summarized as follows A great affection for the firing processto cause a high potassium availability and lost by leaching. The ARKe value ranged widely from 0.02 to 0.08 (mol L-1)1/2, the potassium labile pool (LK) rangedfrom 7.951 to 27.919 cmolc kg-1, the potential buffering capacity (PBCK) ranged between 285.47 and 369.48 cmolc kg-1  (mol L-1)-1/2, the free energy of exchange (-G) were range between 3291.8 and 4819.8 kJ mole-1 and the Gapon selectivity coefficient (kG) values fluctuated within the range 8.44 to 12.88 (L mol-1) 1/2.PF values were 0.018 to 0.025 .


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Alsultan, N. M. A., & AL-Obaidi, M. A. J. (2022). Potassium Buffering Potential in Some Burne Soils of North Iraq. Tikrit Journal for Agricultural Sciences, 22(4), 81–95.


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